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Yoni "LOVE STRUCK" bundle

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Introducing LHW Skincare’s Love Struck Yoni Care Complete bundle - Which includes: Love Struck Yoni wash, Love Struck Yoni Oil and one Love Struck Yoni Bar. Helps balance PH, fight BV causing bacteria, control yeast and foul odors! Use it on date night, before intimacy, or on your cycle for a burst of exotic rose sweetness! Can’t wait for you ladies to get your hands on this 😍😍 You'll be feeling and smelling amazing all day!


This bundle includes all 4 items listed! 

Love Struck Yoni Oil 1oz - Fights Bacteria that may cause BV, Yeast & Odor.  Helps soothe irritation, razor bumps/burns, ingrown hairs. Our natural oil blend is made with a luxurious rose fragrance that will take over your senses. With its warming sensation, long-lasting scent, and 24-hour odor-eliminating effects, you'll be feeling and smelling amazing all day! Fights infections Infused with herbs and essentials oils that are natural aphrodisiacs. Reduce inflammation. Can be used as a natural lubricant Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal.

Love Struck Yoni Bar - Helps balance PH, fight BV causing bacteria, control yeast and foul odors.

Love Struck Yoni wash - Helps balance PH, fight BV causing bacteria, control yeast and foul odors. 100% natural ingredients! 

Rejuvenating Yoni Exfoliating Scrub - Our new Yoni Polish has antifungal and antibacterial properties that aid in removing recurring ingrown hairs, boils, soothes irritated skin and gently removes dead skin cells for a smooth pretty yoni. Exfoliate a day before and a day after shaving or waxing to help prevent ingrown hairs. Apply yoni oil daily to keep skin moisturized.  This Polish is ONLY available in this bundle! Will be announced when available to purchase separately. 

Ingredients listed for each product. Please check for allergies prior to purchasing. (These product contains Sweet Almond oil. Please do not use if you have a nut allergy) We recommend doing a patch test prior for starters. Please discontinue if skin becomes irritated, burning, or red. If irritation or breakout forms, stop the use of the product immediately and contact your primary care physician.

Can be purchased separately as well. Save more by buying in this bundle deal.  


NOTE: DESIGNS and COLORS may vary, but the INGREDIENTS remain the same.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Thanks for not overpricing and overhyping your stuff! 10/10

The rose sweet scent drives me crazy, I love it! New here but so far I love both Yoni kits. Will be trying the skincare stuff next

Kenesha Gray
Ate it straight off the bone (TMI)

I wasn’t really big on this wash when I first used it. I love the other yoni wash y’all have and have been using it for over a year now. But this new love struck one I was on the fence on until my man told me how much he loves the way I smell and taste 🥰 He told me to keep buying this one so BEST BELIEVEEEE YALL CAN HAVE ALL MY COINS 😮‍💨 The yoni oil is light when you put it on but when you open your legs later the whole room smells like sweet soft roses 🌹 highly recommend y’all haven’t failed me yet.


Idk but I love the rose sweet smell 😍😍😍 ouuuu yesss

Lenora Cheston
This smells so good! The oil is my favorite 😍

Just got my box today and I love the warm feeling. I’m obsessed with the sweetness mixed with rose scent. Love the oil