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Yoni Bars

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Handcrafted with natural & organic ingredients. Our Sweet Yoni Bar is made with antibacterial & antifungal oils known to fight bacteria that may cause BV, Yeast & Odor. Jasmine Oil is known to be a natural aphrodisiac and increase sexual desire. Best if paired with our Sweet Yoni Oil. Our Yoni Oil adds additional healing benefits like increase wetness, reduce ingrown hairs, increase sexual desire and more. NOW AVAILABLE IN A WASH AS WELL - YONI WASH

The Sweet yoni bar may assist with PH balance, removing odor, treating yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and lightening cramps. All natural ingredients and organic. Inserting soap inside your vagina can cause irritation. Rinse your vagina thoroughly with water after using our handcrafted soap. EXTERNAL USE ONLY

Sweet Yoni Bars are Made with - Sweet Orange, vegetable glycerin, Peppermint, Neroli, Tree Tree & Jasmine Oil. And a mixture of natural healing oils. 

Love Struck Yoni Bars are Made with - Shea butter, vegetable glycerin , fruit oil , tea tree, leaf oil, Rosa (rose) oil, peppermint oil, citrus, flower oil, chamomile, & a mixture of natural healing oils. (Best Paired with Love Struck Yoni Oil) Also available in a New Love Struck Bundle deal. 

NOTE: DESIGNS and COLORS may vary, but the INGREDIENTS remain the same.

Can be purchased in the Yoni care bundle as well. Save up to $15 by buying in the bundle deal for all 4 yoni products!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Minty fresh

Only thing I use for my yoni with the oil. Don't irritate my yoni and I am sensitive down there. I feel fresh and real clean and minty

Came back and ordered 3 more bars

10/10 feeling squeaky clean and fresh

Caught the Sale and I love it

Nice big size and I feel good and clean after a shower. I will buy again. I need the yoni oil now

Nya Lofton
Refreshing feeling

I absolutely love this soap bar it keep me feeling refreshed and clean all day and I love the cooling feeling it has to it will definitely buy again 😍😍😍 I'm in love

Love my yoni bar

Big bar. Lasts long.