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Skin Reset (Turmeric) Facial Scrub

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Our Turmeric Skin Reset Facial Scrub just released!! 🥰🙌🏾 It is made to help fade dark spots, Brighten skin, Repair your skin barrier and unclog pores. Benefits are endless ✨ Super packed with All Natural ingredients to get the job done! This scrub is safe for sensitive skin and should be used 2-3x per week.  Best paired with one of our cleansing bars > Turmeric Soap bar or Turmeric & Honey Cleanser 

Flax Seed has anti-inflammatory properties to prevent skin damage, healing ingredients for help lessen acne and rashes.

Jojoba beads is a Natural PH balance and have hydrating properties. Helps exfoliate and also moisturize your skin!

Licorice Root brightens and treats dark spots, heals acne scars, Calms inflammation, soften skins and provides sun defense. It’s anti-inflammatory as well, and can help to reduce redness and swelling with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation 🙌🏾

Turmeric is the SUPERFOOD for skincare! Helps brighten skin, dark spots, reduce blemishes, anti aging, heal skin wounds, hyperpigmentation etc. Benefits are endless

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10 stars

My skin is much brighter and glowy now. Everytime I use it I feel like my pores are open and smaller . Love it