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Yoni & Body Turmeric Brightening Scrub

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The Yoni & Body Turmeric Brightening Scrub (4oz) Made with Sea Salt, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Argan oil, Turmeric , Vitamin E and lemongrass. 100% all natural and can be used not only on your yoni but on your face and body to tackle dark spots. Leaving your skin silky smooth.  

The brightening scrub contains multiple healing properties that helps with hyperpigmentation, face & body scars, dark spots, inflammation, melasma and more.

This turmeric scrub brightens and exfoliates the skin.

Works great for: Dark inner thighs, Dark spots on your kitty, Dark underarms, Dark joints (knees and elbows), Hyperpigmentation on the face etc. 

(This scrub is not to be confused with Our Glow Turmeric & Honey Body Scrub. This Yoni & Body scrub is made with Sea Salt and does not have honey in it. The ingredients are different and this Turmeric brightening scrub is just safe to use on your private areas. It is also still just as effective for your target areas on your body.)

How to use: Apply a generous amount to damp skin and massage in a circular motion (Best results with using an exfoliating glove sold separately). Be sure to select problem/targeted areas. After applying, let sit for at least 5 minutes for best results! Rinse with lukewarm water, and feel your silky soft skin. Use 2-4 times per week as needed. If your main concern is dark spots strictly on your body, best results with this scrub would be used with our Turmeric Soap bar

Can be purchased in the Yoni care bundle as well. Save up to $15 by buying in the bundle deal for all 4 yoni products!

We recommend doing a patch test prior for starters and please check ingredients prior to using (for allergies). Please discontinue if skin becomes irritated, burning, or red. If irritation or breakout forms, stop the use of the product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Leiba Spearman
1 week

1 week in and I'm Satisfied with my results so far. Dark thighs are fading and lighter. I will be a return customer

Deashley G
Ingrown hairs = no more

Found a scrub that works finally. The turmeric can stain so I bought a exfoliating glove and it has helped a lot. I noticed my ingrown hairs haven't been coming like normally after I shave AND my dark spots under my butt cheeks (tmi) are fading. I know this isn't something that will happen overnight but I'm happy its working for me so I have more motivation to stay consistent. Also 10/10 for customer service!


Its working on my cooch and inner thighs. Love the smell too

Will buy again

Scrub works so good with the turmeric scrub. I leave it on while wrapping my hair and doing my face mask. Then I get in the shower and wash it off. It has brighten my inner thighs real good. I have a little more to go tho.

Cashae Thomas
Worth every dime

My dark ingrown hair marks on my thighs and butt crack are lightening up so dang good from this scrub. I have used a bunch of other products but this one seems to work for me. I use it with a glove before i hop in the shower. Scrub it real good and after 10 mins, I get in the shower and wash it off with the turmeric soap. I'm about 20days in but my marks are fading so good its like night & day!!! I highly recommend you buy this for ingrown dark marks on your thighs. I haven't used it on anything else so I can review for that yet