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Vitamin C Turmeric bar

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Vitamin C Turmeric Bars are packed with 4 Superpower ingredients 💥- VITAMIN C ✔️ GINGER ✔️ Turmeric Root ✔️ Seamoss ✔️ infused with Rosemary for extra benefits 🥰 For those of you who love our turmeric bars, you’ll want to add this one to your cart too 🛒 😮‍💨
Benefits are endless 😍
-Evens Skin
-Fades Stubborn Dark Spots
-Brighter Skin
-Anti aging properties
-Works for Discoloration
-Bikini Line & Underarms
-Stretch Marks
-Eczema, Razor Bumps

This is the perfect face bar and can be used on your entire body. For those of you who suffer from Severe acne, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, Stubborn dark spots etc. The Vitamin C Turmeric bar targets and tackles all it for you! This is the right soap bar for you! 

 (All Vitamin C Turmeric bars weigh 4oz. All soaps are cut by hand so cut may vary but the weight will always be 4oz or more.)

For best results on face - Wash gently into skin for 1-2 mins before rinsing off. 

HOW TO USE FOR BEST RESULTS ** Complete/Cleanse 1-2 times a day, depending on the severity of your conditions**

• Rinse your face and body with warm water.

• Lather your hands in our Vitamin C Turmeric Bar.

• Carefully apply to your face and avoid contact with your eyes.

• Completely lather your body or focus solely on the areas that need treatment.

• Let sit on your body for 1-2 minutes.

• Rinse your body and face and bask in the smooth sensation of your new skin routine. (BEST PAIRED WITH OUR GLOW ROSE FACIAL SERUM OR VITAMIN C BRIGHTENING SERUM) 

Made with  : Vitamin C, Turmeric, Seamoss and Ginger. Also Vegetable Glycerin, palm oil, coconut oil, distilled water, aloe vera

Customer Reviews

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Danielle Brooks
Neck is already lightening up 🙌🏽

I love the turmeric bar but this vitamin c turmeric bar works a lot faster for me. I have been using it on my neck and it’s helped a lot with my dark two toned neck and shoulders . Highly would recommend both bars because I use both.