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Tropical Bliss Bundle (Mango Pineapple)

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Bundle deal our Tropical Bliss Foaming Body Scrub 8oz, Tropical Bliss Body Wash 8oz and Tropical Bliss Body Butter 4oz/or Tropical Bliss Body Oil 8oz.  Add this bundle to your shower-time collection. ***Currently this bundle will only be offered with the BODY OIL. ***


For best results, use our Tropical Bliss Foaming body scrub to create a smooth surface. Then apply 2 pumps of shower gel onto a loofah or wash cloth and gently massage into your skin. After the shower, apply a pea size amount of Tropical Bliss Body Butter onto your skin to lock in moisture.  Leaving your skin extra soft and refreshed! Smelling like fresh Mango Pineapple!

(Best results used with an Exfoliating Glove. Sold separately!) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chloe pullman
Top tier experience. I purchased the Body bundle But love the scrub

This mango and pineapple scrub and bundle is unbeatable. Felt like a good spa day and My bathroom smells heavenly after

Taryn Hill
Best shower kit and smells amazing. Mango pineapple YES

By far the best shower kit. I have been hooked on this one for the past 6months and I won't ever let it go lol. The mango pineapple mix is AMAZING! Love the way the scrub makes my skin so soft. Body wash is so gentle too. Body butter is my fav tho. I love when we got the oil during the summer. Now I grab a seperate oil when I reup on this bundle.

Arnelle Latham
Smelling like a snack

This was my favorite bundle but now that you added the body oil to it I’m in LOVE 😻 I’ve been smiling and smelling good thanks to my tropical bliss I feel like I’m ready for a vacation 😅 I’ve put all my coworkers on to this company and so far I’ve used almost everything yall have dropped. Black owned and excellent products

This smells AMAZING!!!

I have been meaning to leave a review for over a month now but since I ran out and had to order another bundle I figured now is the perfect time. This tropical bliss smells SOOOO GOOD!!!! I use my body wash n scrub in the shower n my skin smells and feels soft as ever. Then I add butter after and sheesh it has me feeling so good n smelling even better. My man loves it. Idk what you put in this but please don’t ever get rid of this bundle. Your prices are so affordable and products are worth much more. Thank you

Tropical Bliss bundle

Bay-bay.. I'm loving everything about this right here. The deliciously light scent is perfect. This combo is perfect, the lather, the scrub & butter is a match made in heaven. I feel very soft and smooth. This bundle will definitely be a repeat and so far my favorite.