Peppermint & Tea Tree Moisturizing Shampoo

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Peppermint & Tea Tree Moisturizing Shampoo : It’s packed with ingredients to strengthen hair and promote Hair Growth! All natural, chemical free and vegan 🌱
Key ingredients:
Avocado oil- An excellent moisturizing plant oil, it also penetrates the hair to make it stronger!✅
Argan Oil- Natural and organic coating agent for hair fiber's, it restores the health of your hair ✅
Aloe Vera - Moisturizes & strengthens your hair, reduces scalp irritation and promotes growth.✅
Rosemary- Promotes hair growth, stimulates blood flow to the scalp. ✅
Neem- Reduces hair loss, promotes healthy hair growth, minimizes grey hairs and reduces dandruff ✅
Fenugreek- Stimulates blood flow to the scalp, nourishes the hair follicles and encourages faster, healthier hair growth, while its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help treat dandruff, scalp irritation. ✅
Tea Tree & Peppermint Oil- RAPID hair growth booster, stimulates & nourishes the hair follicle ✅
Sunflower seed oil - moisturizes and conditions without weighing hair down ✅

How to use : Wet hair thoroughly with warm water. Apply small amount of product to scalp. Massage scalp thoroughly to cleanse and exfoliate scalp. Rinse thoroughly to remove product.
Disclaimer This product should be included in a consistent hair regimen to see results. One product alone Will Not lead to hair growth. A routine consisting of the right products, the right methods, and the right schedule is the Only way to promote hair growth. Also, please note that hair growth takes time. Patience and consistency are necessary to see results!

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