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Vitamin C Clay Mask

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Our Vitamin C Clay Mask 2oz  A 100% natural clay mask - Helps fade hyperpigmentation: Superfood ingredients proven to fade dark spots, acne scarring, and sun spots.

- Detoxes & purifies the skin: Brightens the skin for a natural glow.

- Unclogs & shrinks pores to reduce acne, blackheads & blemishes.

- Help Fade dark spots, acne scarring, and sun spots.

- Hydrates & Balances: Naturally hydrates and balances the natural oils of your skin.

Directions: Use applicator to evenly apply mask on face/and or the targeted area on body you'd like to see results on. Leave mask on until dry for 10-15 mins before using a warm towel to rinse off and pat dry.  (For Best results use mask after cleansing with one of our facial soap bars, and add vitamin c moisturizer and serum after using the mask to lock in moisture and tackle the skin concerns above. Can be purchased in the VITAMIN C BRIGHTENING KIT) 

  Made with Vitamin C, Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Carrot seed oil, Kakadu plum and Jojoba oil .


We recommend doing a patch test prior for starters and please check ingredients prior to using (for allergies). Please discontinue if skin becomes irritated, burning, or red. If irritation or breakout forms, stop the use of the product.

The best way to preserve your clay is to keep it cool and dry. There should not be mold in your mask, however this can sometimes occur if the storage instructions are not followed correctly. The mask should be kept in a dry and cool place, the lid should be kept on after use and the mask should always be stored below 75F. Place your container in a cool, dry place. Pick an area, like your kitchen cabinet or pantry, to keep your clay mask. Make sure it’s out of the direct sunlight, and try to make sure it stays at room temperature. Also once per day (after mask has been opened for use) we recommend stirring your mask to keep consistency and to prevent hardening or mold from occurring. Make sure to place lid back on and it is properly sealed/closed airtight. 

(Shelf life - 2months after mask has been opened. 4months if mask has not been opened yet)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Chanelle H
Look at God!!!

Use this on your dark spots on your face, armpits and knees and thank me later!!!!

Will purchase again

The jar is small but it lasted me a solid month and I use my mask 3x a week. Smells natural n the feeling is an immediate difference in your skin. It was softer and smooth after one use and I swear glowing a little. I watched my skin transition over the past month n a half and I’m happy with my results. Idk if you are supposed to but I used my mask on my chest and armpits too and it helped lighten my dark marks with the turmeric soap.

New Obsession

I am obsessed! I only purchased the mask and the serum and soap. I should have just bought the kit because I am in love with the way my face feels and looks. Doesn't dry out your skin.

Natural and I love it

Smells like black excellence. The natural scent while this sits smells so good and after you wash it off your skin feels so soft and its like an immediate difference. Doesn't dry your skin out. If you are into fake scents and fragrances then don't get this. The mask feels so refreshing.

Not to bad

i like that this mask does not make my skin too dry. However the scent is unbearable but it’s not to bad after all