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The Glow Turmeric & Honey Face Gel Mask

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The Glow Turmeric Honey Face Gel Mask (4oz) - Created to help calm acne, fade dark spots, wrinkles, inflammation & more. Handcrafted with aloe vera & honey to keep skin moisturize. Gentle for all skin types.

Made with Aloe vera, Turmeric powder, Manuka Honey Extract, Vitamin E and Rosehip oil. 

Directions : Apply Glow Turmeric & Honey face gel mask to a clean fresh face and let it sit for 5-10 mins then rinse off. Best paired with the Glow Rose Facial Serum to keep face moisturized. 

Mask can be purchased in Our Glow Facial Bundle as well. 


(Masks have been upgraded to a wider 4oz Jar than pictured here. So you get more product for the same price!)  Applicator is not included

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